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Chinese Crested:
One of the breeds of dogs belonging to the group of dogs, companion dogs in the nude.
Dog for company.
Breakers are emotional dogs tied to the owner, although their nature differs
greatly between individuals and depends on the temperament and
upbringing. He
meets a quiet melancholy fact types, vigorous athlete, friendly
companion, spoiled child, etc. All of them are very sensitive, with a
rather fragile psyche (at sometimes moody). It is an ideal breed for the company, provided that the family / guardian will prove him a lot of warmth and softness. It needs close contact with humans, not stand alone. Dogs
are intelligent, quick learners, they like to play, which often provoke
invent themselves (some well-Apparate, check agility on the track). Great
feel in the herd, and the dogs behave with strangers distance, even
males may show aggression (be careful when confronted with larger
individuals who willingly engage breakers). With friends arrange a frantic race dogs. For
the caregiver sensitive and delicate, demanding caresses, while the
bystanders approached with suspicion, trying to ignore the direct
contact, avoiding the outstretched hand, and there are cases of bites
intruders. Not
all breakers can tolerate small children, and most have a tendency to
chase for runners, cyclists, etc. This breed has a high sense of
territorialism and eagerly makes home / owner / weaker members of the herd. This is due to the tendency to over-szczekliwości over which can be managed by appropriate education of the dog. However, there are individuals fearful that at each visit strangers hiding in the deepest recesses of the apartment. Breakers are very curious (at the stage szczenięctwa), remembering roam in unfamiliar territory. They love walks. Rozhasane tend to have difficulty with obedience and "going deaf" on command. 
Small, lively and graceful dog, medium or soft bones. Smooth, hairless body hair on feet, head and tail and covered with a delicate veil of hair. Two distinct types of this breed: Deer type, elegant, fine-boned and crepe type, heavier in body and bone, like a pony.
In a variety of naked tufts of hair on head, ears, lower legs and tail. The skin is delicate, soft and warm to the touch, can change color throughout the year, brightening the winter. In the variety (powder puff) coat consists of an undercoat and delicate, long outer coat.
 Both varieties crested and require special care before buying a puppy breeder, it is wise to inquire about the details of treatments and then think about whether we will be able to go it alone. They have quite sensitive skin, it is easy to cause allergy. Protect it from excessive sunlight (or sunscreen) and Frost (bodices). But the gentle sun is very beneficial for skin that is beautifully fired (within the skin color change). For bathing use cosmetics delicate, hypoallergenic, for dogs with long hair. Baths are necessary in order to remove impurities settling directly on the animal's skin. It is best to repeat treatments every 7-10 days. Show dogs require removal of unwanted hair by shaving (usually overtime hair grow on the trunk and extremities). A delicate hair on the mane and legs need to be protected from breaking by using eg mink oil. Do not allow to dry out the skin. You can use lotions for sensitive skin. The lotion can add a small amount of baby oil. Not recommended for use too greasy cosmetics as they can clog the pores of the skin. Hairy dogs require regular grooming, as delicate hair tends to kołtunienia. The necessary set of brushes and combs should ask the breeder. Dogs exhibition shaved muzzle. Models also curtain and length of hair on the legs with a degażówek. Bathing dogs like naked (essential nutrient suitable for long hair). Robe after a bath dried hair, stretching on the brush. Daily diet should be supplemented by preparations which influence the quality of the skin and hair, and containing such polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6), biotin, vitamin B.
TRIVIA: At dog shows it is one of the most widely represented ornamental breeds of dogs, and the streets almost do not see them as walking "naked" as a moving horse pony still arouses a sensation and enthusiasm.
Country of origin -China
Country patronage -United Kingdom
Overall impression -a small, happy and grateful dog, exhibiting grace and allure, hairless, smooth body, the hair on the feet, head and tail.Types -"Deer" (deer) lighter construction and "Cobby" - (heavy) type faster.
Temperament -friendly, never malicious.
Head and Skull - Slightly rounded and elongated skull. Cheeks flat, with no body fat dry, tapering towards the muzzle. Stop slightly pronounced but not extreme. Head smooth, without wrinkles and skin folds.
Length of head: the distance from the tumor magnum to stop equal to distance from stop to tip of nose. Muzzle without flews smooth, slightly tapering but not pointed. The nose is an important detail: in conjunction with a narrow muzzle. Each color of the nose is acceptable. The head has to be charming, grateful for the characteristic expression. Lips smooth and as dark as possible. The mane on the head of a very long and abundant to relatively smooth, sparse, almost always soft.
His eyes - so dark it look black, showing little or no showing white, medium size, almond shaped, set far apart. Incomplete or total lack of pigmentation of the conjunctiva is not a fault.
Ears - set deep-seated ear point is located on the same line at the outer corner of the eye. Large and erect, with a fringe on the ears or without. Only with powder-puff drop ears are permissible.
Bite - jaws strong with a perfect scissor bite. Canines often projecting forward. Complete dentition is not required. 
Neck - slim without dewlap, long and graceful, slightly arched at the base of the head, set at an angle to the well-connected blades:; moving, carried high.
Trunk - hairless, smooth or hairy in Powder Puff. Skin - smooth and warm to the touch. The body - shoulder forming distinct; narrow angle of the forearm 90 Chest rather broad and deep. Sprung ribs not too hard. Stem very expressive. Chest: Seen from above, cover your elbows. The top line of the back straight. Length of body slightly greater than height at withers.
Front legs - long, narrow, elegantly arranged under the body. Elbows onałym egające headland to the body, well-connected. Wristbands strong, almost vertical, thin. Long and flowing movement of doskwykrokiem.
Hind legs - well angulated, narrow knee. Strong loins. Muscular hindquarters. Muscular and rounded buttocks. Lower leg length. Strong angulation. Wide rozstawienie.Ruch smooth, sliding and elegant.
Feet - extremely hare foot, narrow and very long. Long nails in every color. Socks from the hair of different density in different individuals, up to a joint and ankle.
Tail - Set on high traffic carried up a long, tapering, quite simply, never curled or rolled in any direction, natyralnie abandoned at rest. Hairy maximum of two thirds of the length ..
Movement - long flowing and elegant galloping "horse".
Coat - no hair on the body. Fine leather, delicate, soft and warm. The coat of powder-puff: undercoat very short hair coat long and soft. The coat of powder-puff creates a so-called veil (powder-puff - with English powder puff). The color and any combination thereof acceptable.
Height - ideal height for dogs, 28 to 33cm at the shoulder. The ideal height for suk23 to 30cm in withers.
Weight - is different in different types, however, should not przekraczać5, 5kg. Cons - any deviation from the foregoing is considered as a disadvantage.
Disqualification - aggression, an increase of over-36, 5 cm at the withers. Weight above 5.5 kg. Cropped ears. Overshot. Docked or broken.
Animals should have two apparently normal testicles.
Description breed developed on the basis of Article Wojciech Albert Kurkowski "bald with bangs".
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