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                    In loving house are yet 2 females pp
                        litter "E"

On 01.06.2013r.

born litter "F" 

If you are interested feel free to book a puppy
              On 01.06.2013r.Exon settled in the new house.
                                  Good luck, honey. 

      On 30.05.2013r. kissable Essa went with his family to a new house.  

                On 24.05.2013r.Eliart went to his new home
                        Eliart and his lady 

              On my left 17.05.2013r.Estor cultures. 
                              success little one boy

                Announcing the new litter 

23.03.2013r.-Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki-Spring Dog Show / CAC/
-Judge: Bogusława Szydłowicz-Polańczyk
ARNIKA Gojar-class open-excellent-Lok.III

Today I received the results of DNA tests on the PLL (lens dislocation) CASANDRY and CHARLOTTE: Clear / Normal (for this reason I am very happy) 

                              On 24.01.2013r.born litter

                            Announcing the new litter: E

Before you buy a dog race check whether it is metric Kennel Club in Poland. Quote message Kennel Club comp. London: In connection with the appearance of legal documents, modeled on breeding Kennel Club in Poland (among other metrics and pseudorodowody issued by the Polish Lovers Club Dog Show - PKMPR or Dog Breeders Association Show - ZHPR) Krakow Branch Board advises that only Kennel Club in Poland is affiliated to the international Federation FCI and canine breeding only documents issued by our relationship is legally recognized in Poland and abroad. Breeding dogs with documents issued by other than the Kennel Club in Poland, the organization shall not be considered purebred dogs.
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